Movie Night Parties


Anti-Bullying Seminars


4th July Parade Participation

“Our experiences at the 4th of July Parade in Huntington Beach will never be forgotten. Having
viewed the parade for years and years, it was truly a thrill to be able to be in the parade and share
the experience with not only our immediate family, but also with our extended "Victory Family".
It was a tremendous bonding experience for everyone who participated and we can't wait to
do it again. GO VICTORY!!”.

Family Picnics


Summer Camp


Birthday Parties

“When another birthday rolls around, strongly consider a Victory birthday party.  We have 
had two parties there so far and EVERYONE goes home happy and TIRED!!!!  When we 
planned our second party at Victory, we actually had friends change their plans so that they
could attend, having had so much fun the first time.  All of our friends and family had wonderful
things to say about the event with comments like, "That was a blast" and "I think this was the best
party I've ever been to".  YOU WILL HAVE FUN!!  Master Chris and Master Claire will
make sure of that!!”.